The Restaurant came as a necessity of of being able to work after a career. So as one ends another starts. I have had the property for many years and I planned to open a restaurant to create food, food that personally I liked most. We have now moved into the restaurant business. I enjoy what I do and my spirit is very big on service to others. Combined with my love of food and people and being able to turn this property into a place known for great food, great service and great value. Without these there would be no customers. Without customers there is no business, so we provide wonderful food, great service, at a great price.

Restaurant de Maria is born. We really have not found how to process the feeling we feel when we see our customers returning again and again. And in the same way as they say goodbye to us and give us thanks for what they call good service, good food and good care.

This small group of people involved in food preparation and delivery of our product and the need to please the palate. Prepared from the freshest ingredients with a mixture of cream and the professional handling of them, for the cook Deida Uribe Torres native of this place.

Restaurant de Maria is not intended to be the only one, but a restaurant where visitors want to taste the food of their choice in a place where harmony and tranquility breathe.

How did the name, Restaurant de Maria come about? Who is Maria, What is the mystique of this place. Simply the name Maria is universal. We are all related to or know someone named Maria. One of the most important aspects is that Maria is a Universal name.